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40 Days of Yes for Lent

This Lent, through 40 Days of Yes, you can draw on the wisdom of many to help you reflect on what it means to say 'Yes' to God today.

There is a reflection for Monday to Saturday on our call to be part of God's mission. On each of the seven Sundays in Lent, we will be posting a reflection by Mark Berry, CMS community mission facilitator, on one of the CMS community promises.

Download PDF of 40 Days of Yes or follow day by day below, or on Facebook or Twitter, starting Wednesday 5 March.

«April 2014»
  • Day 25: A gospel rhythm

    Day 25: A gospel rhythm

    Bible reading Acts 2:46–47 Reflection Tom Sine recounts a life-changing experience during work on a project in rural Haiti; the people among whom he labored had a “Gospel-rhythm” to their lives, always having time to stop and talk with passers-by: “On many warm ...
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  • Day 27: Prayer and love

    Day 27: Prayer and love

    Bible reading Matthew 5:43–45 Reflection God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticise, but that we may intercede. (Oswald Chambers) There is nothing that makes us love someone so much as praying for them. (William Law) Prayer Loving God, help me make your ...
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  • Day 29: Raising the bar

    Day 29: Raising the bar

    Bible reading 1 Corinthians 9:24–27 Reflection How can we help people raise the bar of discipleship to become more missional? The first step is to help people discern their calling. We encourage people to compose what we call a “personal calling statement”. Then we ...
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  • Day 33: One Square Mile

    Day 33: One Square Mile

    Bible reading Acts 3:6 Reflection A Baptist Church in Bangor, Maine, USA realised it didn’t know its neighbours. So they ran a bonfire picnic in the churchyard and invited everyone in. Next it offered some of its space around the church building for a community garden. This kind of ...
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  • Day 35: Space to reflect

    Day 35: Space to reflect

    Bible reading Mark 6:31 Reflection Benedictine Abbot Christopher Jamieson (comments) that many of us choose a busy life while pretending it is forced on us…. We choose to be busy because it facilitates our consumerist lifestyle that requires us to work harder and harder and to fulfil ...
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  • Day 37: Being known

    Day 37: Being known

    Bible reading Ephesians 4:1–6 Reflection When I imagined living in community, I envisaged myself turning overnight into a paragon of virtue, simply by sheer force of will. I would leave behind my bad habits, my judgmental attitudes, and any tendency towards gossip. I would never ...
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