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Long term: mission partners

Long term: mission partners

Mission partners are people sent to make a long-term contribution to local mission for a period of at least five years.

We are seeking mission partners who want to work with us to make disciples, resource leaders and transform communities.

Who is CMS looking for?

People who are feeling a strong sense of calling to overseas mission and are realistic about all that it entails.

You will be involved in your local church and already living a life of mission whatever that looks like in your context.

You will be flexible, adaptable and sensitive in your interaction with people of other backgrounds, cultures and faiths and you will have transferable skills that can be used in an overseas context.

Discover your vocation

CMS aims to walk with you as you explore your sense of call to mission. Throughout our selection processes, we will work with you to jointly discover your passion and vocation and how that might fit with our partners’ needs.

“Jesus called the disciples together and gave them 'power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick' (Luke 9:1–2).

"Jesus also told them to take nothing with them for the journey. So he knew the right time to send them out. He also sent them out knowing they had to engage their faith for the journey, that all their needs would be met.”
Paul Read, CMS People in Mission funding adviser

What is the process?

The process begins as soon as we receive an application pack from you at which point we arrange the first of two interviews at CMS in Oxford. These interviews begin with an exploration of who you are and how you have arrived at this point as well as thinking about the role you would like to have.

As part of these interviews we take up three references before sending you to a selection weekend where you will be interviewed further. Our selectors are great people who are passionate about ensuring that God is heard and that together the way forward is worked out.

If you are selected, the preparation for heading overseas begins, including completing a CRB and health check. We believe that funding, learning in preparation for service, and prayer support are joint responsibilities for you and us. We talk early on with you about getting you fully resourced for service:


We’ll introduce you to CMS-supporting churches that are keen to pray for you and help you financially; they will want to learn from your mission experience so that they can be more effective in their mission.


Prospective mission partners are often naturally daunted by the idea of raising support. To set you free from anxiety, our fundraisers will meet you early on to help you identify where you can find the necessary funds.


Along the way our learning adviser will help you identify skills you’ll need to develop in preparation for the mission God has called you to. We provide residential training and arrange a variety of study options to meet your needs. We aim to ensure that prior to departure all the necessary support is in place.

What would I be doing?

We have lots of opportunities all around the world as diverse as church work to advocacy to medicine. Take a look at the examples of people we have placed in the past year and at the current urgent needs to see a range of what we can offer. Hopefully you will discover that God can use any skills and that if God is calling you to service with CMS then he is also preparing the place.

What next?

Fill in the form on the right or call 01865 787415 or 01865 787416.
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Where could I go?

Enquire about opportunities

If you are called to use a particular skill in a voluntary capacity and are rooted in a church in the UK who will give you support, then please get in touch...

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