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Latin America Forum

The Rt Rev Henry Scriven

Mission director, Latin America
Tel: 01865 787500
Email: henry.scriven [at] cms-uk.org

Reception and conference bookings

Dan Clarke or Chrissie Bonnie

Tel: 01865 787400
Email: conferencing@cms-uk.org

Encounter short term trips

Kathryn Jerome

Tel: 01865 787493
Email: kathryn.jerome [at] cms-uk.org

Print publications: content

Send comments and suggestions to

Naomi Rose Steinberg

Tel: 01865 787454
Email: naomi.steinberg [at] cms-uk.org

Leaving a gift in your will

Hannah Caroe

Legacies coordinator
Tel: 01865 787524
Email: hannah.caroe [at] cms-uk.org

Resources and online shop

Zoe Kuisis

Tel: 01865 787512
Email: zoe.kuisis [at] cms-uk.org

Changes to your contact details or mailing preferences

Danni Parker

Tel: 01865 787467
Email: danni.parker [at] cms-uk.org

Library and archives

Ken Osborne

Tel: 01865 787553
Email: ken.osborne [at] cms-uk.org

Short-term or long-term mission service

Penny Stradling

Tel: 01865 787415
Email: penny.stradling [at] cms-uk.org

CMS websites

Jeremy Woodham

Tel: 01865 787451
Email: jeremy.woodham [at] cms-uk.org

Link letters

Jonathan Self

Tel: 01865 787527
Email: jonathan.self [at] cms-uk.org

Mission partner links

Julie Hinckley

Tel: 01865 787524
Email: julie.hinckley [at] cms-uk.org

Direct debits and standing orders

Liza-Mae France


Hannah Lloyd


Adina Dirnu

Tel: 01865 787469
Email: direct.debits [at] cms-uk.org

Church relations

Lisa Lewis

01865 787515
lisa.lewis [at] cms-uk.org

Book a CMS speaker

Katie Jenkinson

01865 787522
katie.jenkinson [at] cms-uk.org
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