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CMS PrayerSpace

CMS PrayerSpace

Latest prayer news from the CMS mission community around the world

Laura and Simon Walton

Laura Walton, who along with her husband Simon is a CMS mission partner based in Tanzania, writes asking for prayer: “This week we are having a day of fasting and prayer for the Nuru workshop. We ...
Africa prayers   28 April 2016

Eluned and Mat Phipps

Please pray for rest and restoration for CMS mission partners Eluned and Mat Phipps, both spiritual and practical. They write: “Madrid is noisy and living in a flat where we can hear the multiple ...

Audrey and Colin Gibson

Please pray and give thanks for CMS mission partners Audrey and Colin Gibson and for good relationships at work and that both would have wisdom and sensitivity with their Lebanese colleagues. Pray ...

Northern Argentina

Please pray for a two-week training course for potential Wichi and Toba church leaders that is being in Ingeniero Juarez from 2-15 May.  Please pray for the logistics of getting 50+ students there ...
Latin America prayers   28 April 2016

Orthodox celebrations

Join us in the Orthodox part of the world, as we remember again this weekend the suffering that Christ went through on our behalf.  Please pray for all the Easter outreach that is taking place in ...

Prayer for CMS work in North Africa and the Middle East

Two CMS mission partners, based in Spain but work mainly in North Africa, write with thanks and prayer points: “Give thanks for deepening friendship with our Algerian Muslim friends who came home ...

Prayer for new parents

Amy and Dan Ross, CMS mission partners in training who will be heading out to the Democratic FRepublic of Congo and are new parents, write asking for prayer: “Can we pray for all the new young ...
Africa prayers   28 April 2016

Give thanks for the new Énxet Bible

Please give thanks with us for the recent launch of the new Énxet Bible, in Paraguay, which occurred earlier this month. Many people have commented on the service. It went out live on ZP30, the ...
Latin America prayers   28 April 2016

Ann-Marie Wilson

Ann-Marie Wilson is a CMS mission partner who has set up a charity called 28 Too Many, which has a specific ministry aiming to prevent female genital mutilation (FGM). She writes asking for prayer ...
Africa prayers   28 April 2016

Faith Gordon

Faith Gordon, a CMS mission partner based in Brazil, wrote to us earlier this week asking for prayer. She writes: “Please pray that the people of Brazil would turn back to God, not only in their ...
Latin America prayers   28 April 2016
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