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How do you pray for Gaza? (Christian Today)

As we witness wickedness in the world, and tears of sorrow or anger well up...
Read more >   23/07/2014

Is the world more unstable than ever? (Denison Forum)

Some are comparing the present day to the late 1970s or 1914.
Read more >   23/07/2014

Parents who allow female genital mutilation will be prosecuted (Guardian)

As the prime minister hosts a Girl Summit with Unicef aimed at mobilising domestic and international efforts to end FGM and child marriage, new measures will be announced aimed at ending the practices "once and for all".
Read more >   22/07/2014

Christians in Iraq's Mosul face execution or exodus (France24)

For Iraqi Christian Fadi and his young family it is a lonely wait to see whether they will be executed soon.
Read more >   22/07/2014

Israel ready to widen Gaza ground offensive (BBC)

Israel is prepared to "significantly widen" its ground offensive against militants in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.
Read more >   18/07/2014

Meriam's case highlights plight of Sudan's Christians (WWM)

The globally known apostasy case of the death-row mother Meriam Ibrahim, forced to give birth with her legs shackled, is only one of many examples of the religious discrimination that Sudanese Christians battle on a regular basis.
Read more >   17/07/2014

President of Peru urged to protect uncontacted tribes’ land (Ekklesia)

Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, has written to Peru’s President Ollanta Humala, urging him to protect the lands of highly vulnerable uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest.
Read more >   15/07/2014

Hope over fear sought in Kenya after attacks (SRN)

Al-Shabab is claiming responsibility for the July 5 deaths of nearly 30 men and one teen boy in Hindi and Gamba. Among those was Enos Nambafu Weswah, a former principal of Kenya Baptist Theological College.
Read more >   15/07/2014

FGM activist: 'Girls in UK Sunday schools are being cut - the Church must take a stand' (Christian Today)

Ann-Marie Wilson, will challenge leaders at a fringe meeting at Synod to make a commitment to eradicating FGM both in the UK and abroad.
Read more >   11/07/2014

How Syria's ancient treasures are being smashed (BBC)

Syria, graced with thousands of historic sites, is seeing its cultural heritage vandalised, looted and destroyed by war.
Read more >   10/07/2014

What is there to celebrate on South Sudan's third birthday? (TRF)

With war raging, 1.5 million displaced and famine on the horizon, there is little for South Sudan to celebrate on its third anniversary of independence.
Read more >   09/07/2014

General Synod - An Idiot's Guide (Christian Today)

The General Synod is, possibly, a mistake. A Church dedicated to preaching Christ's message of peace, love and good news should never have got itself into the situation where its members are shouting at each other across a gilded chamber, a...
Read more >   08/07/2014

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