The 34th Man - Chilean miner Jose Henriquez tells his story

    Millions watched the dramatic rescue of the 33 Chilean miners, but only a few got to hear the amazing story firsthand.

    In January and February 2011, CMS invited people in the UK to come and hear that story - and the story of the "34th Man" with them - from Jose Henriquez, one of the rescued Chilean miners, known as the "pastor" of the group, and the Rev Alf Cooper, CMS mission partner and Protestant chaplain to the President of Chile.

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    Jose Henriquez

    “Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord…” Psalm 130:1

    When disaster struck the 33 Chilean miners in August, one of them, Jose Henriquez, held fast to his faith in Jesus.

    Yet, holding onto hope whilst being trapped underground for over two months was a true test of trust.

    Jose has been called the pastor or spiritual leader of the Chile miners during their ordeal, during which many of the miners gave their lives to Jesus.

    A billion people watched the miners being rescued, but only a few will get to hear Jose tell his story personally.

    Alf Cooper

    As chaplain to the President of Chile, CMS mission partner Alf Cooper led the nation’s prayers during the Chile miner crisis and was on the scene during their dramatic rescue.

    A gifted speaker and teacher, Alf and his wife Hilary are passionate about God’s work in Chile, where they have served for decades. Both are involved with the dynamic and constantly growing ministry of La Trinidad church in the Las Condes area.

    During the tour, Alf will be translating for Jose Henriquez. Alf will also share his perspective of how God has intervened in this catastrophe to capture the attention of the country of Chile and the world.

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