Love to Pieces:

    Five lessons for Lent from the Jigsaw Kids

    Inspired by stories of transformation from street children in the Philippines, this six-part series explores discipleship themes of security, boundaries, community, creativity and significance.
    • Stories and activities for children and adults
    • Suitable for church services, individual and small group study
    • Includes 13 great Filipino recipes for your Lent Lunches!

    As Lent begins (Ash Wednesday is 25 February), we’re all encouraged to think about our growth in faith, and to discover afresh where our roots are.

    As adults, or “grown ups”, it can be very tempting to think we’ve made it, that our growing is done, and that we now just have to get on with living life! Yet growing is a lifelong process. And many of the things that children need to grow securely and healthily – safety and security, boundaries, significance, creativity and community* – are things that we too, as adults continue to need throughout our lives if we are to discover (and rediscover) the fullness of life that Christ offers to us.

    This Lent resource is inspired by the work of Kate and Tim Lee, CMS mission partners working with Jigsaw Kids Ministries. As Jesus said – we are called to be like children if we are to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:3).

    *These five areas are found in The Growth of Love by Keith White (BRF/Barnabas, 2008) and are used by Kate and Tim as a basis for their work. Buy the book from the CMS Shop.
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