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CMS web presences

CMS is working with others to create an inspiring – and useful – presence for mission on the web. CMS people in mission are directly involved in these websites. Enjoy exploring.

Clean Water

Home-made biological water filter design and desalination unit which produces safe clean drinking water from very contaminated water, developed by former CMS mission partner Maurice Connor.

Jesus without language

My mission is to share quality kids Sunday School resources; from full kids church lessons, extra’s to supplement existing material, to teaching tips.

The Bethesda Project Burundi

The Bethesda Project is an outdoor activity and learning centre that challenges the exclusion of disabled people and aims to treat everyone as equal under Christ.

Diamonds in the Darkness

This website tells the story of an extraordinary woman who has influenced and inspired the lives of many people around the world. She worked among aboriginal people in Australia and, as a CMS mission partner, in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 1992 Pat founded IPASC, the Pan-African Institute of Community Health, in DR Congo.

Enable the Children

Enable the Children is a team reaching out to provide Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy care and support to children with disabilities in Sierra Leone.

Vulnerable Street Kids

Aiming to empower streetkids to become the future leaders of tomorrow. Initiative of former CMS staffer Yordanos Tesfay in Ethiopia.

Pan African Institute of Community Health

The pioneering community health intiative for French-speaking Africa, founded by former CMS mission partner Dr Pat Nickson OBE.

Neema Crafts

Young people with disabilities in Tanzania create and sell a wide variety of craft products, run a cafe and guest house. Founded by CMS mission partners Andy and Susie Hart.

The Potter's Village

Offering a future... The Potter's Village is a caring Christian community that offers hope and a future to vulnerable children.

Fresh Expressions

An initiative of The Church of England and The Methodist Church.


For seven years, between 2003 and 2010, this site told the stories of people doing Church in contemporary culture and shared ideas and thinking. It now forms an online archive of this journey, which continues in other forms, not least through CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training.


Immersive mission experience weekends in the UK, focusing on creating church in the emerging culture.

ACPI – Anglican Church Planting Initiatives

ACPI exists to "serve tomorrow’s churches today" by encouraging and assisting the planting of healthy, mission-minded churches. This includes all sorts of emerging church, alternative worship communities and fresh expressions of church.


Audio, video, liturgy, and kits to bring your worship alive.

Link churches

Are you a CMS link church? If you provide a link to CMS on your church website - like St James' Rowledge - we'll provide a link to yours. Email web.master [at] cms-uk.org

St James' Church Rowledge
St James' Church has supported CMS for over 20 years and is linked to mission partners Efraim and Ruth Vilella.

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